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About Auris Books

We are on a mission.

Amplifying voices.

Empowering the community.

Auris Books seeks the untold story, the silenced voice, the hidden history.  Through careful outreach and strategic development, Auris Books aims to develop a roster of authors with important things to say - and then connect them to the communities who need them.



Auris Books is an enterprise of the Auris Project. Inc.  Formed in 2003 by journalist and civil rights advocate Denise McVea, the Auris Project works to empower communities through access to information.  




Changing the world.

What is driving our mission? The fundamental belief that community artists and advocates can perfect  a modern-day movement through the "literature of exposure" to affect important community and global change.



Support our mission.

1. We are building a library of phenomenal books. You can buy our books for your library or as gifts. You will get high quality editorial content and beautifully designed books of excellent quality.

2. The Auris Project, Inc., the parent company to Auris Books Press, is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations, in addition to being greatly appreciated, may also be tax deductible. Talk to your accountant. 



(210) 651-6555

San Antonio, Texas

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